Shenlong- A dream platform for global creators.

Constructing art in every way possible, just like the original intention.

Founded in the 1960's, Shenglong provides tiles, wood, glass, cement, and other durable materials with a simple and sincere heart behind them. This is the lifelong ambition of Yang HaoChun father, the director of haoshi design. In 1990, Shenlong closed its business, but the emotions and memories of the business continue to this day, just like the nutrients.

In 2021, Shenlong will be reopened by the next generation, hoping to be a window for global creators to realize their dreams, gathering artworks from different fields, including paintings, furniture, photography, living utensils and more possibilities, where people can exchange inspirations. All of the crystals of the heart and soul can be exhibited and sold with peace of mind.

No matter who you are, you can find the entrance to the art world at your own pace, and find the works you love in the time of moving forward, so that the beautiful feelings can be transformed into a brick and a tile like the building materials, leaving a timelessness for the next moment.